Monday, January 11, 2010

Tips for preparation

Dear Students,
I would like to give you certain tips for effective preparation:
i) Use early morning time for preparation effectively. Your mind is free and absorbing during this time. Use this time to read subjects where u have to memorise more. Ex: Infotech, Law
ii) Slot your preparation into time capsules. Ensure that you do not spend more than 3 hours at a stretch.
iii) Take good breaks of atleast 1 hour in between
iv) Rotate preparation of subject. Do not read the same subject day long
v) Ensure that you cover all subjects in a day. In this process you are in touch with the subject on an ongoing basis and this will also give u the variety and will make the study process interesting.
vi) Combine your preparation with a proper mix of text book, guideline or suggested answers, notes etc. Do not use the same material for long hours
vii) Have good sleep. Do not fight against your sleep. Please remember that if you do not sleep for long hours today you will compensate it by sleeping extra hours the next day. Hence arithmetically your preparation time does not increase.
viii) Plan your preparation time in such a way that you spend atleast 4 to 6 hours minimum on a daily basis now and atleast for 10 to 12 hours a day during exam holidays.
ix) Use Bare acts as appropriate and consciously try to remember sections
x) You can now focus in going through case laws as when exams are nearing you may not find time for this
xi) Work out as many problems as possible in draft form. Do not spend too much time in formatting your solutions now. That will be required only in exams.
x) Do not hesitate to write tests. Remember main exam becomes a smooth affair if you write tests. In our Coaching Centre we use test as a process to give practice to students and to provide suggestions/guidance and hence you all should grab this opportunity.
Rest in next

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